The Role of President

The president of the American Studies Association is elected to a three-year commitment by the voting members of the association. After an initial year as president-elect with participation in the Executive Committee, the president serves a one-year term. The president presides over meetings of the National Council, the Executive Committee, and the association. The president also formulates policies and projects for presentation to the Council and to fulfill the vision and goals of the association. A one-year term as past president completes the three-year commitment.

Current President: Robert Warrior, 2016-2017 

President 2016-2017 Robert Warrior

Robert Warrior is Hall Distingushed Professor of American literature and culture at the University of Kansas. An enrolled member of the Osage Nation, he is the author of The People and the Word: Reading Native Nonfiction, co-author of American Indian Literary Nationalism, part of the Native Critics Collective that published Reasoning Together, co-author of Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee (with Paul Chaat Smith) and Tribal Secrets: Recovering American Indian Intellectual Traditions. He has recently published an edited volume, The World of Indigenous North America (Routledge), edits the NAIS (the journal of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association), and edits a book series, Indigenous Americas for the University of Minnesota Press.  Read More


President-Elect: Kandice Chuh, 2017-2018

Kandice Chuh 2017-2018 ASA President
Kandice Chuh is a professor of English and American studies at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center, where she is also appointed to the faculty of the M.A. in Liberal Studies program. She was hired at the Graduate Center as a core member of the Mellon Interdisciplinarity Committee on Globalization and Social Change, and this year is a faculty fellow in the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics.  Chuh is also the coordinator for the Graduate Center’s American Studies Certificate Program, and was one of the principal organizers of the Revolutionizing American Studies initiative launched at the Graduate Center in 2011.  Read More


Past Presidents

David Roediger, 2015-2016

Lisa Duggan, 2014-2015

Curtis Marez, 2013-2014

Matthew Frye Jacobson, 2012-2013

Priscilla Wald, 2011-2012

Ruth Wilson Gilmore, 2010-2011

Kevin K. Gaines, 2009-2010

Philip J. Deloria, 2008-2009

Vicki L. Ruiz, 2007-2008

Emory Elliott, 2006-2007

Karen Halttunen, 2005-2006

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, 2004-2005

Amy Kaplan, 2003-2004

Stephen H. Sumida, 2002-2003

George Sanchez, 2001-2002

Michael Frisch, 2000-2001

Mary C. Kelley, 1999-2000

Janice Radway, 1998-1999

Mary Helen Washington, 1997-1998

Patricia Nelson Limerick, 1996-1997

Elaine Tyler May, 1995-1996

Paul Lauter, 1994-1995

Cathy N. Davidson, 1993-1994

Cecelia Tichi, 1992-1993

Alice Kessler-Harris, 1991-1992

Martha Banta, 1990-1991

Allen F. Davis, 1989-1990

Linda K. Kerber, 1988-1989

Lois W. Banner, 1986-1987

Michael Cowan, 1984-1985

Sacvan Bercovitch, 1982-1983

Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr., 1980-1981

Wilcomb E. Washburn, 1978-1979

Leo Marx, 1976-1977

William H. Goetzmann, 1974-1975

Daniel Aaron, 1972-1973

Robert H. Walker, 1970-1971

Daniel J. Boorstin, 1969

Norman Holmes Pearson, 1968

John Hope Franklin, 1967

Russel Blaine Nye, 1965-1966

Ralph Henry Gabriel, 1963-1964

William Charvat, 1962

Ray Allen Billington, 1960-1961

Willard Thorp, 1958-1959

George Rogers Taylor, 1956-1957

Robert E. Spiller, 1954-1955

Charles Barker, 1953

Carl Bode, 1951-1952