A democratic process that gives voice and representation to a myriad of constituencies is at the heart of the American Studies Association’s governance structures and practices. 


The Role of the National Council

The ASA is directed by the National Council, which consists of twenty elected members with voice and vote, in addition to three ex-officio members with voice but no vote. Elected members of the National Council include: the president, president-elect, immediate past president, two student members, one member who represents secondary education, one member who is located outside of the U.S., and thirteen others. The ASA executive director and the editor of American Quarterly serve as ex-officio members. 



The National Council works in concert with the Association’s standing and ad-hoc committees convened to advance the goals of the ASA and its members. Standing committees of the association are:

  • The International Committee
  • The Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • The Student's Committee
  • The Minority Scholars' Committee
  • The Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers
  • The Committee on Regional Chapters
  • The K-16 Collaboration Committee
  • The Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies
  • The Committee on Graduate Education
  • The Program Committee
  • The Site Resource Committee