The American Studies Association organizes various forms of institutional support as part of its advocacy of ASA members and the field, broadly construed.

Increasingly, the ASA has tasked itself with developing targeted forms of support and rapid response, as interdisciplinary departments, programs, and centers face a particularly challenging landscape in higher education.

In addition to the Guide for Program Review and NHA Action Alerts, the ASA will soon launch additional resources for institutional support. Many of these are the products of a dedicated Task Force that formed in 2014 through proposals for support from the Committee for American Studies Departments, Programs, and Centers.   

The Working Paper Series is illustrative of the areas of concern such institutional resources will take. The white papers were authored by chairs, directors, and coordinators at a range of institutional types—and they address topics that range from goals and outcomes for American Studies Programs, to strategies for programs, departments, and centers under the threat of budget cuts. The complete series can be downloaded and are encouraged to be shared widely.