The American Studies Association’s 2014-2015 Working Papers Series provide practitioners and leaders in American studies with tools to create, position, and sustain American studies programs within the current landscape of higher education.

ASA Working Papers provide coordinated advocacy by the ASA for its institutional members. Based on feedback from the Committee on Departments, Programs, and Centers since 2011, as well as from working strategy panels at recent annual meetings, a 2014-2015 Task Force identified key questions and concerns that confront chairs and directors of American Studies. These white papers were authored by chairs, directors, and coordinators at a range of institutional types, and were edited by Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello and Karen J. Leong. The working papers draw upon and extend insights and work shared by many colleagues in recent years.

Working paper topics include: 

Proposals for the working papers were developed by Lorraine Cox and Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello. The ASA National Council under President Lisa Duggan established a Task Force with the mission of providing resources for directors and chairs about American Studies as a field of study and the on-the-ground work of developing and sustaining American Studies programs and departments in institutions of all types. This 2014 Task Force was co-chaired by Rebecca Hill and Mark Rice and comprised of Lynne Adrian, Ben Chappell, Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, Ben Feldman, Alyosha Goldstein, Matthew Frye Jacobson, Karen J. Leong, Curtis Marez, and Chandan Reddy.