The following is a registry of completed doctoral dissertations in American studies and American ethnic studies as reported by PhD degree-granting programs in the United States. 

This list is based on requests to American studies and American ethnic studies programs for lists of doctoral dissertations completed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.  The request was sent to forty-six different universities, some with multiple PhD degree-granting departments in the relevant fields.

The report contains entries whose titles suggest the broad range of topics and diverse methodologies that American studies scholars are exploring.


Boston University (4)

Beaulieu, Rebekah. “Accounting for the Past: Historic House Museums and the American Midwest."

Edwards, Paul. “Louis Douglas and Jonny Spielt Auf: Performing Blackness in Interwar Germany.”

Leventer, Sarah. “Beasts of the Southern Screen: Race, Gender, and the Global South in American Cinema since 1963.”

Miller, Channon: “Migrant Black Mothers: Intersecting Burdens, Resistance, and the Power of Cross-Ethnic Ties.”


College of William and Mary (10)

Feman, Seth. "District and Capital: The Art of Modern Washington."

Helis, Sikk. "Affective Economies of Activism: Reimagining Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime."

Hunt, Edward. "The Politics of Empire: The United States and the Global Structure of Imperialism in the Early Twenty-First Century."

Korwin, Wendy. "Material Literacy: Alphabets, Bodies, and Consumer Culture."

Piper, Brian. "Cameras At Work: African American Studio Photographers and the Business of Everyday Life, 1900-1970."

Rofaelas, Apostolos. "Creolized Histories: Hybrid Literatures of the Americas."

Simpson, Jenna. "Screening the Revolution: Williamsburg, the Story of a Patriot as Historic Artifact, History Film, and Hegemonic Studies."

Stuckey, Amanda. "Reading Bodies: Diability and American Literary History, 1789-1889."

Tirak, Lita. "The American Grotesque: Liberal Idealism in Edward Bliss Foote's Science in Story."

Wilburs, Christian. "Between Third Reich and American Way-Transatlantic Migrations and the Politics of Belonging, 1919-1939."



CUNY Graduate Center (10)

Chancellor, Jennifer. “Mad Men Of Letters: Advertising, Masculinity, and the American Postmodern Novel.”

Clark, Marci. “I. M. Pei, William Zeckendorf, and the Architecture of Urban Renewal.”

Gerrity, Sean. “A Canada in the South: Marronage in Antebellum American Literature.”

Griffiths, Timothy M. “Bricolage Propriety: The Queer Practice of Black Uplift, 1890-1905.”

Jones, Stefanie A. “Acts of Provocation: Popular Antiracism On/Through the Twenty-First Century New York Commercial Stage.”

Jordan, Cara. “ Joseph Beuys and Social Sculpture in the United States.”

Mei-Singh, Laurel T. “Geographies of Desecration: Race, Indigeneity, and the Militarization of Hawai’i.”

Moriah, Kristin. “Dark Stars of the Evening: Performing African American Citizenship and Identity in Germany, 1890-1920.”

Solan, Yair. “Writing the Projected Image: American Fiction and Early Screen Culture.”

Thompson, Whitney. “Foreign-Born Artists Making ‘American’ Pictures: The Immigrant Experience and the Art of the United States, 1819-1893.”


University of Iowa (2)

Collins, Tom. "The Creation of Cultural White Supremacy in Arizona, 1925-1940."

Winslow, Michael. "Cultivating Leisure: Agriculture, Tourism, and Industrial Modernity in the North Carolina Sandhills, 1870-1930."


University of Michigan (6)

Felber, Garrett. “Those Who Say Don't Know and Those Who Know Don't Say.”

Harmon, Liz. “The Transformation of American Philanthropy: From Public Trust to Private Foundation, 1785-1917.”

Kwak, Jennifer S. “Consuming Empire: Food Aid, Hunger, and Benevolence in the Cold War Asia and Pacific.”

Macgillivray, Emily. “Great Lakes Trading Women's Economic and Political Labor, 1740 to 1845.”

Nitta, Marie.  “Lost in Transplantation: Knowledge Production and Memory at U.S. Land Grant Colleges in Colonial and Cold War Japan.”

Peacock, Jennifer Garcia. “The Chicana/o Countryside: A Visual History of California’s Central.”


University of New Mexico (4)

Matjaka, Webster. “From Sand Creek to Somalia: Indigenous Bodies in Denver’s Post-Industrial Urban Cultural Re-imagination.”

Montañez, Margie. “Texas-Mexico Border Cultural Production: Ethnographic Aesthetics and Modernity in Folklore, Literature, and Film.”

Spence, Steve. “’Revealing Reality’: Four Asian Filmmakers Visualize the Transnational Imaginary.”

Yazzie, Melanie. “From Experimentation to Extraction: A Biopolitical History of Navajo Self-Determination.”


University of North Carolina (2)

Gaddis, Elijah. “Processional Mobility and Celebratory Culture in Black North Carolina, 1865-1945.”

Parshall, Josh. “Yiddish Politics in Southern States: The Southern District of the Arbeter Ring, 1908-1949.”


University of Southern California (8)

Al-Najjar, Deborah. “Around 1991: Racial/Sexual Terror and U.S. Empire.”

Boj Lopez, Floridalma. “Mobile Archives of Indigeneity:  The Maya Diaspora and Cultural Production.”

Chea, Jolie. “Agents of War:  Cambodian Refugees and the Containment of Radical Opposition.”

Chew, Huibin Amelia. “The Revolution Will Come Home: Gendered Violence and Transformative Organizing from the Philippines to the U.S.”

Fukumori, Ryan. “The Motley Tower: Master Plans, Urban Crises, and Multiracial Higher Education in Postwar Los Angeles.”

Lovaas, Jessica. “Fostering Control: The Politics and Power of the Child Welfare System in Southern California.”

Ramos, Nic John. “Worthy of Care? Medical Inclusion from the Watts Riots to the Building of King-Drew, Prisons, and Skid Row, 1965-1986.”

Raymundo, Emily. “Reorienting Asian America: Racial Feeing in a Colorblind Era.”


University of Texas at Austin (5)

Andersen, Carrie. "Securing America: Drone Warfare in American Culture After 9/11."

Gansky, Andrew. "Myths and Legends of the Anti-Corporation: A History of Apple, Inc., 1976-1997."

Garza, Irene. "Martialing Latindad: Latina/os Re-making the Military from Vietnam to the Global War on Terror, 1969-2006."

Goetz, Philis Barragan. "Escuelitas and Children's Literature of Texas."

Marek, Elissa Underwood. "Cooking with Conviction: Food and Foodways in the U.S. Carceral State."


Washington State University (5)

Christian, Tiffany A. "Apocalypse and the Utopian Impulse: Gendered Narratives of Survival and Wounded Masculinities in Contemporary Popular Culture."

Fowler, Rebecca. "Water in the Desert or "The Sanctuary Movement Never Ended": an Examination of Humane Borders, Samaritans, and No More Deaths Counter-Conducts."

Gutierrez, Lizeth. "Queer Chisme: Transformative Political Practices of Mexican Immigrant Women in the Global Economy."

Moraga, Jorge. "Browning Sport: How Multicultural Markets, Halls of Fame and Bilingual Media Construct Latinos/as in Late-Capitalist America."

Sharif, Raihan. "A Critical Study of Micropolitics: Spatialization Towards a Dialectic for Social Change."