Published in 1997, the Regional Chapter Handbook brings together resources collected through more than eight years of coordination among regional officers and representatives at the national association's annual meeting. 

The purpose of the handbook is to support regional chapters in their range of models and missions. Each local chapter has freedom to set its own agenda of activities and goals. There is no "boilerplate," particularly since regions are so diverse with some ranging over thousands of miles and others confined to an area such as Hawai'i. To address this, the handbook consolidates information with the goal of assisting the chapters in developing strong programs and a productive relationship with the national organization.

Topics include: 

  • Funding, membership, and communications 
  • Articles and bylaws of incorporated chapters
  • Examples of annual financial reports
  • Sample calls for conference papers and participation
  • Chapter newsletters and journals
  • An overview of institutional members within each regional chapter 
  • Shared problems faced by the regional chapters

While it has been more than a few years since its initial publication, the handbook is shared here to provide institutional memory and continuity as the regional chapters continue to develop resources to support and sustain their missions within a changing—and challenging—landscape in higher education. 


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