The following is a registry of completed doctoral dissertations in American Studies, as reported by U.S. Ph.D. degree-granting institutions in the field. This list is based on requests to American Studies Programs for lists of doctoral dissertations completed between July 1, 1998 and June 30, 1999. The survey was sent to thirty universities, three reported that no dissertations were completed this year. Three did not reply to the survey. The report contains 107 entries whose titles suggest the broad range of topics and diverse methodologies that American Studies scholars are exploring. ASA also sent surveys to Directors of Ph.D. programs in American Ethnic Studies and American Women’s Studies requesting a list of completed doctoral dissertations. Twelve surveys were sent to American Ethnic Studies programs and there were no replies. Six surveys were sent to American Women’s Studies programs and there were two replies stating that no dissertations had yet been completed. For abstracts of these and other dissertations completed this year by ASA members, please see the December 1999 American Quarterly.


Hirayama, Hina: ” ‘A True Japanese Taste’: Construction of Knowledge about Japan in Boston, 1880-1900.”

Kenschaft, Lori J. “Marriage Gender and Higher Education: The Personal and Public Partnership of Alice Freeman Palmer and George Herbert Palmer, 1886-1902.”

Moore, William: “Structures of Masculinity: Masonic Temples, Material Culture, and Ritual Gender Archetypes in New York State, 1870-1930.”


Flagg, Jeff: “The Road to Wisdom: Evolution of a Land Ethic in the Adirondack State Park.”

Johnson, Matthew: “Beyond Futility: The Crisis of the Contemporary Left and the Role of the Intellectual in Social Change.”

King, Torey: “Feminist Strategies in Music Videos and Performance Films.”

Kohrs, Dean: “Joseph Campbell and Intellectual Property.”

McCoy, Marcella: “Parallel Functions of African Community Ritual and African American Fraternal Traditions.”

Norris, Randall: “God and Nature in Cumberland County: Disaster Narratives from East Tennessee.”

Thompson, Mary: “Victor/Victoria/s Secret: Cyborgs, Monsters, and Technologies of Breast Augmentation.”

Wall, David: “The Tyranny of Taste: A.J. Downing and the Rise of the Middle Class.”


Brookins Drew, Shahara: “Insiders and Outsiders: Processes of African American Canon Formation, 1972 to Present.”

DeLuzio, Crista: “Sex in the Adolescent Girl: The Construction of Knowledge about Female Adolescent Sexuality in the Social Sciences, 1900-1930.”

Franz, Kathleen: Narrating Automobility: Travelers, Tinkerers, and Technological Authority in the Twentieth Century.”

Henry, Renea: “Tales from the Dark Side: Race Spectacle and American Television, 1989-1997.”

Min, Susette S.: “Flanerie and the Everyday: Asian American Visual Production.”

Tawil, Ezra: “The Historical Romance in the Age of Jackson.”


Doan, William: “Shaw’s American Importance.”


Medina, Lara: “Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism, 1971-1997.”

Emilie Stolzfus: “Public Funds for Private Purpose: The Citizenship Claims of Wages—Earning Mothers and Public Day Care Provision in Postwar America, 1945-1965.”


Wierich, Jochen: “The Domestication of History in American Art, 1848-1876.”


Baron, Renee M.: “Redefining the American Self: Autobiography in the Postmodern Moment.”

Steger, Werner: “Workers of the Confederacy: Class, Race, Gender and Community in Richmond, VA 1860-1865.”

Tangires, Helen: “Meeting on Common Ground: Public markets and Civic Culture in Nineteenth-Century America.”


Budnick, Eric Dean: “Bloated Image: The Roscoe Arbuckle Trial Discourse and the Construction of Celebrity Identity in America.”

Bresnahan, Josephine Callisen: “Dangers in Paradise: Combat Fatigue in the Pacific War, 1942-1945.”

Ferguson, Jeffrey Brown: “The Newest Negro: George Schuyler’s Intellectual Quest In the Nineteen Twenties and Beyond.”

Ivy, James David: “Long-Haired Men and Short-Haired Women: The Southern Strategy of Texas Prohibitionists in the 1880’s.”

Milford, Timothy Alan: “Advantage: The Gardiners and Anglo-America, 1750-1820.”

Pannapacker, William Albert: “Revised Lives: Nationalism, Autobiography, and the Changing Forms of Self-Representation in Nineteenth-Century American Culture.”

Poe, Tracy Nicole: “Food, Culture, and Entrepreneurship among African Americans, Italians, and Swedes in Chicago.”

Siddali, Silvana Regina: “The Plea of Tyrants: The Public and Political Debates over the Confiscation of Confederate Property, 1861-1862.”


Birzer, Bradley Joseph: “Entangling Empires, Fracturing Frontiers: Jean Baptiste Richardville and the Quest for Miami Autonomy, 1760-1841.”

Branigan, Michelle Marie: “A Biography of Frances Brand, an American Painter and Social Activist.”

Frederick, Charles Richard: “A Good Day to Be Here: Tailgating in the Grove at Ole Miss.”

Kearns, Cimberli Ann: “Making Violence Matter: The Crime Thrillers and Westerns of Anthony Mann.”

Maxsom, Richard Alan: “Billy Sunday’s 1917 New York City Revival: A Case Study in Apocalyptic Rhetoric.” 
Newlyn Andrea Kelsey: “Righting the Racial Code: Narrative and Race.”

Nowicke, Carole Elizabeth: “Not Built by Jack But by You and Me: The Schoolcraft Ladies Association, 1879-1920—A Study of Women’s Reading Culture in Rural Southwestern Michigan.”Schaefer, Diane: “Gang Related Activities in a Small City.”

Schorman, Robert Roos: “Ready or Not Clothing, Advertising and Gender in Late Nineteenth-Century America.”

Thompson, Julie Marie: “Mommy Queerest: The Rhetoric of Ambivalence about ‘Lesbian Mother’ as an Oxymoron, 1970-1995.”

Tsoukas, Liann Elias: “Uneasy Alliances: Interracial Efforts to End Lynching in the 1930s.”


Van Dyke, Michael: “Poetry’s Revival: Kenneth Rexroth and the San Francisco Renaissance.”


Johnson, Christopher: “A Social History of the Drum.”

Rustin, Nichole: “Mingus Fingers: Charles Mingus, Cultural Memory, and the Gender of Race in Postwar Jazz.”

Saab, Alice Joan: “Painting the Town Red (and White and Blue): Art and Politics in 1930s New York City.”

Serlin, David: “Domesticating Science: Medical Research and National Identity in Post-War American Culture.”


Bruner, Belinda: “Pedagogy and the Body in Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio.

Fuller, Todd: “60 Feet 6 Inches and Other Distances from Home: A Creative Biography about Mose YellowHorse, Baseball, Cartoons, and the Pawnees.”


Boyd, Anne E.: “From ‘Scribbler’ to Artist: The Emergence of the Woman Writer as Artist in New England.”

Braunberger, Christine: “Stories in the Flesh: Reading Cultural Narratives of Tattooing in America.”

Buckman, Alyson R.: “The Monster Strikes Back: American Women Revising Abjection.”

Saulsbury, Rebecca R.: “Maria Susanna Cummins: A Cultural Biography.”


Barnett, Thomas: “A Utopian-Mythopoesis Reading of American Puritan Jeremiads: A Reclassification of Selected 17th-Century New England Pulpit Literature.”

Kemayo, Kamau: “An Afrocentric Critical Theory and Its Application to Three African American Novels.”

Murphy, Maureen: “Daughters of Sam Spade: The American Private Eye in Fiction.”

Warren, Alice: “The Junior College District of St. Louis-St. Louis County, Missouri under the Leadership of Joseph P. Cosand, 1962-1971: A Study of the Impact of the World War II Milieu on Policies that Shaped the Institution.”


Irid Farida Agoes: “Globalization and Indigenous Jakartans.”

Shirley Bonner-Fenty: “Assessing the Issue of Paleolithic African Khoifan Migration to Asia and America.”

Leslie Jane Rockenbach: “The Mexican/American Border: NAFTA/Global Linkages.”

Eliot King Smith: “The Romance of Crossover: The Cultural Production of Fandom in America.”


Claybaugh, Matthew: “America and the Sea: Maritime Traditions and Personal Transitions.”

De Ste Croix, James: “The Republic of Talk Radio.”

Robinson, Linda A.: “Re-Embodied Vision: The Cultural Shift from Discursive to Figural.”

Zmijewski, David J.: “Huck Finn and Hawaii: A Study of Hawaiian Influence on the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”


Bradley, Edward: “Forgotten Filibusters: Private Hostile Exhibitions from the United States into Spanish Texas, 1812-1821.”

Burin, Eric: “The Peculiar Solution: The American Colonization Society and Antislavery Sentiment in the South, 1820-1860.”

Kellogg, Deren: “The Lincoln Administration and the Southern Territories.”

Monroe, R. Daniel: “A Republican Vision: The Politics of John Tyler.”

Stephanides, Adam: “Tomorrow’s Women and Yesterday’s Men: Junior Novels and Social Change, 1946-1964.”

Storch, Randi: “Shades of Red: The Communist Party and Chicago’s Wirjersm, 1928-1939.”


Burke, Michael: “Difficult Belonging: An Ethnographic Look at How the Church Excludes.”

Hess, Franklin: “Importing ‘America’: Television Programming and Audience Identity in Urban Greece.”

Roraback, Eileen: “The Defense of Self: Autobiographical Responses of American Intellectuals to the McCarthy Era.”

Satterfield, Jay: “The World’s Best Book: Taste Culture and the Modern Library.”

Yu, Ningping: “Manufactured Images: Four Chinese Travelers and Their Writing about American Women.”


Rees, Amanda: “Envisioning the Great Plains: Contemporary Narratives of the Landscape.”


Frank, Thomas H.: “Resituating Culture: Identity, Moral Goods and Intervention.”

Kirwin, Elizabeth S.: “It’s All True: Imagining New York’s East Village Art Scene of the 1980s.”

Latta, Judi Moore: “‘Wade in the Water’—The Radio Series: The Effects of the Politics of Production on Sacred Music Representations.”

Natanson, Barbara O. : “Spot the Hyphen? Representations of Immigrants and Members of Ethnic Groups in Illustrated Newspapers and Magazines, 1880-1925.”

Thomsen, Dawn: “The Creation and Production of Detective Fiction in Mid-19th Century America.”

Turk, Diana Beth: “Bound by a Mighty Vow: A Study of Sisterhood in Kappa Alpha Theta Women’s Fraternity.”

Sun, Yumei: Ng Poon Chew and the Americanization of the Chinese in the 1900s.”


Brent, Elizabeth: “Domestic Horrors: Family Values and the Intruder Film, 1987-1997.”

Majewski, Karen: “Traitors and True Poles: Narrating a Polish-American Identity, 1880-1939.”


Collins, Lisa Gail: ” ‘Revolutions in Vision’: African American Women, Aesthetics, and Visual Politics.”

Fry, Polly: “A River Runs through It: Cultures, Economics and Landscapes of the Minnesota River Basin to 1900.”

Fulton-Maybin, Doveanna: “When Oral and Written Traditions Meet and Mingle: Black Feminist Orality in African American Women’s Narratives of Slavery.”

Pulsipher, John David: “The Americanization of Monogamy: Mormons, Native Americans and the Nineteenth-Century Perception That Polygamy Was a Threat to Democracy.”


Kupfer, Charles: “Whom Do We Fear? American Reactions to Blitzkrieg, Summer 1940.”

Warden, Donald: “Poor Whites in Southern Culture.”

Vaidhyanathan, Siva: “Unoriginal Sins: Copyright and American Culture.”

Vogel, Todd: “Staging Race, Sabotaging Whiteness: Marginalized Writers Redirect the Mainstream.”


Archuleta, Micki: “The Hegemonic Hopper: Due Process and American Constitutionalism.”

Barber, Katrine: “After Celilo Falls: The Dalles Dam, Indian Fishing Rights, and Federal Energy Policy on the Mid-Columbia River.”


Corman, Catherine: “Reading, Writing, and Removal: Native American Literacies, 1824-1835.”

Edwards, Brian: “Morocco Bound: U.S. Representations of North Africa. 1920-1998.”

Ehrhardt, Julia: “‘A taper in the imagination that never goes out’: Women, Regionalism, and the Profession of Authorship in America, 1900-1952.”

Goldsby, Jacqueline: “After Great Pain: The Cultural Logic of Lynching and the Problem of Realist Representation in America, 1882-1922.”

Guilbert, Juliette: “Rewriting the Republic: American Women’s Historical Fiction, 1824-1869.”

Monzon, Gaspar Gonzalez: “Barnstorming American Culture: Traveling Entertainment as Work and Performance.”

Gudis, Catherine: “The Road to Consumption: Outdoor Advertising and the American Cultural Landscape, 1917-1965.”

Moskowitz, Marina: “Standard Bearers: American Material Culture and Middle-Class Communities at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.”

Rotskoff, Lori E.: “Sober Husbands and Supportive Wives: Gendered Cultures of Drink and Sobriety in Twentieth-Century America, 1910-1965.”

Stauffer, John: “The Black Hearts of Men: Race, Religion, and Radical Reform in Nineteenth-Century America.”

Stephens, Michelle Ann: “Black Empire: The Making of Black Transnationalism by West Indians in the United States.”

Travis, Trish: “Reading Matters: Book Men, ‘Serious’ Readers, and the Rise of Mass Culture, 1930-1960.”

Weiner, Mark: “Race, Citizenship and Culture in American Law: Ethno-Judicial Discourse from Crow Dog to Brown v. Board of Education.”

Young, Cynthia: “Soul Power: Cultural Radicalism and the Formation of a US Third World Left.