Origins of Biopolitics in the Americas

American Quarterly

This special issue underscores the increasing relevance of biopolitics to current scholarly debates within early American studies and offers crucial correctives to dominant analyses of biopower. It aims to add new insight to ongoing conversations in early American studies, including questions...

Twin Peaks

New American Notes Online (NANO)

This special issue of NANO will explore the significance of the recently released third season of the seminal television show, Twin Peaks. Controversial from the outset and divisive to fans and critics alike, the new Twin Peaks (2017) is emerging as perhaps even more...

Whitman & Disability

Commonplace: The Journal of Early American Life

In his influential book Disability Aesthetics, Tobin Siebers makes two interventions. First, he argues that modern aesthetics has long relied on disability as one of its defining features, even while neglecting to acknowledge this dependence explicitly. Second, he advocates a deliberate...

Trans Futures

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

CFP: Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ) “Trans Futures” special issue
Editors: micha cárdenas (UC Santa Cruz) and Jian Neo Chen (The Ohio State University)

We must write the future, and we must critique the very concept of futurity. Making a claim to trans futures, this TSQ...

Ethnography and Musical Theatre

Studies in Musical Theatre

CFP: Special Issue of Studies in Musical Theatre

 Ethnography and Musical Theatre

Guest Editors: Judah M. Cohen (Indiana University) and Jake Johnson (Oklahoma City University)

With Musical Theatre...

Toni Morrison and Adaptation

College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies

Co-Edited by Stacie McCormick (Texas Christian University) and Rhaisa Williams (Washington University in St. Louis)

The year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Toni Morrison’s inaugural novel, The Bluest Eye, a work that engages in innovative methods of...

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