Misogyny, Media and the Clash of Cultures

College of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Misogyny, Media and the Clash of Cultures: CALL FOR CHAPTERS

Misogyny and power inequities are at the root of sexual assault, harassment and bullying. Media stories have proliferated and have been amplified by social media in the United States in the case of the...

AU: Alternate University-- Higher Ed Fanfiction.

University of Kansas Press

AU: Alternate University is a fanfiction-inspired collaboration which imagines an alternate universe of academe. Produced by those who do not have ownership stakes in academia— adjuncts, ex-academics, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, non-academic community...

Black Male Students in Popular Culture

Information Age Press


Abstract Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2018

Book Title: From Boom Boom to Malcolm: Representations of Black Male Students in American Popular...

death and dying

*Deadline extended*

Call for Book Chapters (Edited Collection): A Reflexive study of the Rituals Associated with Death and Dying (working title)

The editors wish to put together an interdisciplinary collection of essays that utilize reflexive scholarly inquiry to interrogate...

New Transnational Latinx Perspectives on Ana Castillo

Edited by Karen Roybal and Bernadine Hernández

This edited collection seeks to demonstrate the theoretical capacity of Castillo’s work and the connections we can make through literature to larger cultural, political, and transnational concerns. We are asking for work that considers the...

Road Trip! On the Road to Democracy and the American Dream

Throughout the nation’s history Americans have loved to be on the move, embracing a pioneering spirit that is embedded deep within the country’s democratic ideals of opportunity and expansion, of dreams and reinvention. With the widespread availability of cars and the establishment of a vast...

Speculative Souths

Speculative Souths

Ed. Amy Clukey, Erich Nunn, & Jon Smith

Edited Collection CFP

In the early years of science fiction, space frequently figured as the American West writ large—the final frontier. In the genre’s darker, grittier reboot era, however, it often looks...

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