Scripting the Past in the Present: Early America and Contemporary Culture

Editors: Patrick M. Erben and Rebecca L. Harrison

     The editors seek critical and pedagogical essays for a book collection that critically examines the reverberations and re-scripting of early America (its literature, history, art, politics, religion, material culture, public spectacle, monuments, etc.) in contemporary culture....

Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online

Call for Proposals: Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online

In the contemporary moment, COVID-19 has exacerbated an already increasing need for immediately implementable strategies for effective online teaching and learning. Instructors across the higher education landscape require now,...

Mary Ann Shadd Cary

The Center for Black Digital Research; The Colored Conventions Project

We are beyond excited to share this CFP for the symposium and first-ever edited collection on the intrepid and boundary-defying intellectual Mary Ann Shadd Cary, developed by Dr. Kristin Moriah...

Aging Studies and Ecocriticism: Growing Old amid Climate Change

American Studies, University of Graz (Graz, Austria)

Eds.: Nassim W. Balestrini, Julia Hoydis, Anna-Christina Kainradl, Ulla Kriebernegg

In recent decades, the humanities have witnessed the development of two interdisciplinary fields that tackle challenges for present and future generations: by exploring cultural representations of crisis...

In the Long Run: Luis J. Rodriguez Life and Literary Legacy

Luis J. Rodriguez’s first collection of poetry, Poems Across the Pavement, was published in 1989, with journalism and individual poem publications preceding this book. His subsequent testimonio, Always Running–La Vida Loca: Gang Days in LA, released in 1993 in the aftermath of...

Call for Chapter Proposal

English Department, Drew University (Madison, NJ)

Call for Chapter Proposals for an Edited Collection
Working Title: Governing Genealogies of Film Education

Hadi Gharabaghi, Drew University 
Terri Ginsberg, The American University in Cairo

Contributions are sought for an edited scholarly collection,...

Popular Music Studies/Record Store Culture

Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University

Call for Chapter Proposals The Best Side of Capitalism? The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Record Store, Gina Arnold, Christine Feldman-Barrett, John Dougan, and Matthew Worley, eds. This book explores, from a variety of perspectives and methodologies, how record stores became such important...

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