The Roof is on Fire

Freedom Courses and the 2022 ASA Annual Meeting

In the spirit of sustaining the intellectual community that is a distinguishing feature of each ASA annual meeting, the 2022 Program Committee has organized a series of recorded, public-facing Freedom Courses.

These facilitated conversations among organizers, activists, scholars, elders, artists, students, teachers, and others address topics related to the 2022 theme of "The Roof Is On Fire" as well as issues related to the unfolding global crises, insurgencies, movements, and abolitionist struggles. They may be useful for classroom teaching (K-12/college and beyond), community-building, organizing, political education, and kitchen table discussions during this time of profound vulnerability. We also hope that our colleagues will use Freedom Courses as tools for remote/distance teaching, if for no other reason than to give themselves a brief respite from the unexpected work of lecturing to their virtual classrooms.

Tune in, share, and join the conversation online using #2022ASA across platforms.

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AVAILABLE: Friday, October 21, 2022

"Making Progress in Everything?": Anti-blackness and Education Reform in Post-Katrina New Orleans: A conversation between Dr. Adrienne Dixson and Dr. Kevin Henry on New Orleans's "education reform" movement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local charter schools and national trends of extraction from public schools, and Critical Race Theory.

AVAILABLE: Friday, October 28, 2022

The Roof is on Fire: On the 2022 CFP: The 2022 ASA call for papers generated a healthy response via social media. Longtime Association members Dayo Gore (Georgetown), Marisol Lebrón (UCSC), Yomaira Figueroa (Michigan State), Pablo Lopez Oro (Hunter College), and Karen Tongson (USC) break down its concepts and reception.

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NOLA Travel Mix: Join DJ Dreamer (Ashley Teamer) of New Orleans for a local mix in preparation for your travels.

A People's Guide to New Orleans: A podcast in discussion of the history, sites, and struggles of New Orleans with Professors Elizabeth Steeby (UNO) and Lynnell Thomas (UMass-Boston), co-authors of A People's Guide to New Orleans (UC Press, forthcoming). 

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Post date: October 20, 2022

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