Pacific Northwest American Studies Association

The Pacific Northwest American Studies Association (PNASA) serves those interested in American studies from Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho. It seeks to foster research on the history, cultures, peoples, and places of the Pacific Northwest and all topics related to American studies, from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical approaches. The annual PNASA conference is held each spring and has recently focused on such topics as “Building Spaces, Places, and Publics,” “Cultural and Ecological Restoration,” “Placing the Indigenous in American Studies,” and “Im/migrant Communities.” PNASA has been awarded two regional chapter grants from the ASA to support our annual conference activities. PNASA members include community college, college, and university faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and independent scholars. ASA members residing in the Pacific Northwest region are automatically PNASA members, and those outside the region are welcome to join. For more information, please visit the PNASA Website.