Eastern American Studies Association

The Eastern American Studies Association (EASA) is organized to promote the study of American culture in the Delaware, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas.  The typical academic year at EASA is defined by three events or publications.  First, EASA publishes a newsletter twice annually that offers readers articles and interviews as well as information concerning its annual conference, cultural events in the region, and book publications.  Second, EASA organizes an annual conference that, though open to all, is especially designed to give students experience presenting research, feedback from college faculty and professionals, the chance to form networks, and the opportunity to compete for awards.  The conference also includes an Undergraduate Roundtable where promising American studies majors share their research in a constructive environment. Third, EASA is home to Epsilon Alpha Kappa, the nation's only American studies honor society, and New Errands, a journal dedicated to undergraduate research.