The American Studies Association maintains a shared news feed and calendar for all chapters, committees, and caucuses. Below is information on how community groups can update their pages, publish announcements, and post events to the ASA calendar.

Website Style Guide

The ASA maintains a style guide that outlines standards for formatting and usage. We ask all chapters, committees, and caucuses to read the style guide before uploading content to the site. Please make particular note of guidelines that are in place to support accessibilty and preserve the design integrity of the site. 

Download the style Guide


Instructions for Updating Your Page

If the ASA Office has designated you as a leader within the site's permissions, you can directly update your page. Once logged into the site, navigate to your chapter page and click on the "edit" tab to access your chapter's description or associated image. You'll also see a section where you can update your website, social media, or other important links.

If you need to update the members on record as providing leadership for your chapter, email the ASA program coordinator Chris Shell ( 

Posting Announcements

You can post announcements to the site that will appear on your chapter's page, as well as on news feeds across the ASA homepage, our News & Events section, and the "welcome" page that directs members to member-specific news and functions. Simply log-in, navigate to Chapter Resources, and click on "submit an announcement" in the menu. You can also bookmark the form directly: Submit an Announcement.

Posting Events

When your chapter has scheduled programming or regional events that you'd like to appear on your page and on a centrally maintained ASA calendar, you will similarly find a link to "submit an event" in the menu on Chapter Resources (after logging into the site). You can also bookmark the form directly: Post an Event to the ASA Calendar

Sharing Reports and Resources

For chapter reports, resources, or other materials that you would like to make available through the ASA website, follow the link below to create a special post for your chapter. These pages will appear under the green header "In This Section" for your chapter. The section is designed to provide you with a place to share developments that are not as timely as announcements. If you're sharing significant contributions "in this section" for your chapter, you might consider posting an announcement to publicize it through the website's news feeds.

Create a Special Post for Your Chapter

Posting Calls for Papers or Participation

To post a CFP, you can either post it as an announcement that appears on your chapter page—or submit it to calls for papers or participation listed under Jobs & Opportunities.