Science, Technology, and Medicine Caucus

NOTE: As of September 2022, the STM Caucus is on hiatus and previously listed chairs have completed their terms. If you are interested in helping to re-organize the caucus, please contact the ASA office at

The Science, Technology, and Medicine Caucus (STMC) was formed in 2006 to connect the multiplicity of scholars seeking to interrogate the ways that science, technology, and medicine are imbricated into the texture of American society, politics, and culture. Imagined as a space for galvanzing conversation and forging previously unexplored connections, it also cultivates more sustained conversations about these issues at local, regional, and national meetings of the American Studies Association. 

As scholars in an interdisciplinary field, we find it imperative that we develop optics that allow us to account for these phenomena as they materialize within American culture, broadly defined. The objects, practices, and debates emenating from these fields--from evolution to forensics, from diagnostic regimes to nuclear energy, from extractive projects to public health inititatives--inform conversations about power, politics, religion, race, gender, disability, and as well as key issues of American national identity. The STMC encourages discussion of these issues by paying particular attention to their local, national, and global ramifications.