Children and Youth Studies Caucus
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The Children and Youth Studies Caucus joins scholars who engage in interdisciplinary perspectives on the individual experiences, social conditions, and rights of children and youth in both historical and contemporary contexts. Children and Youth Studies aims to understand the complex experiences and conditions of young people in global, national, and local settings.

Plans for ASA 2022:

We will be organizing 2 panels and holding a mentoring event, as well as our business meeting. Please stay tuned to join us!

CFP for Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus Sponsored Panel at ASA 2022

Children of Climate Crisis

How do children respond to a “roof on fire?” What can young people teach us about the future when the world is ending?

The Children and Youth Studies Caucus invites participants examining children’s experiences of and responses to climate change. Our discussion may address the following questions:

-What is the role of the child within climate change movements?

-How do young people articulate climate crisis, imagine and enact environmental change or simply survive a changing world?

-How are the young people of New Orleans and Louisiana addressing climate crisis and environmental disaster?

-Transnationally, what strategies of survival and change are children and young people enacting in their communities?

Given the range of topics and issues covered by the call, we envision a discussion-oriented panel session. We will limit paper presentations to 10 minutes to have more time for a facilitated conversation. 

Please send proposals to Alicia V. Nunez ( and Amy Fish ( by January 7.  Please feel free to deviate from the conventional abstract format to share a bit about how you’d like to contribute to this conversation.


2019 Meeting Announcements:

The Children and Youth Studies Caucus has compiled a list of panels related to childhood and youth at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

We are also sponsoring a Mentoring Breakfast at 8am on Friday, Nov. 8.

Hawai'i Convention Center Restaurant TBD (we will email participants with precise location)

This session offers a mentoring opportunity within the field of Childhood and Youth Studies. This event is open to graduate students, emerging scholars, senior scholars, independent scholars, and professionals in careers outside of academia. Participants will be paired with senior faculty members and potentially professionals outside of academia. Mentorship groups will be created in advance, so please email Patrick McCreery at by Nov. 3 with your name, academic/professional affiliation, and research interests.

Mentors: Brigitte Fielder, Patrick McCreery, Beth Marshall, Philip Nel.

This session will be organized on site. The mentors will cover the costs of the mentees' breakfasts.

You're invited to our Business Meeting at 8am on Saturday, Nov. 9.

Hawai‘i Convention Center Meeting Room 326 A

  • Plan panels and events for the next ASA

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Stay tuned for more CFPs and events!

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