Decolonizing Data: Indigenous Pedagogy In The Online Environment
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Indigenous worldviews give rise to distinct forms of teaching and learning, including elements such as: land-based learning, learning by doing, learning by example, learning through observation, storytelling, and humour. Indigenous knowledge traditions are often based on the oral transmission of stories and information.  The recovery of these approaches and their application in educational environments has been viewed as a critical aspect of the decolonizing project.  The on-line learning environment might be seen to challenge Indigenous approaches to teaching and learning. On-line learning can be asynchronous, and might be seen as lacking a connection to place. At the same time the technological tools provided in the on-line environment might offer new possibilities for learning. This session will discuss practical approaches for applying Indigenous approaches to learning and teaching in an on-line environment, addressing questions such as:


  • What barriers are there to applying Indigenous approaches in an on-line environment, and how can they be overcome?
  • How the project of decolonizing learning and teaching can be advanced in an on-line learning environment?
  • Should the online environment be a place for learning Indigenous knowledge?'
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Kahente Horn-Miller