Arab American Studies & Resistance
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Arab American Studies is a significant site for analyzing and envisioning transnational and ecological connectivity, particularly given recent interdisciplinary scholarship that emphasizes intersections with fields such as trans-Indigenous, Palestine, queer, and Black studies. For example, Arab American cultural production and practices are a rich source for ecological aesthetics and praxis, as through their critique of settler colonial legacies, environmental racism, and slow violence, contemporary Arab American writers and activists express alternative modes of inhabiting and interacting with the biosphere.  Furthermore, as Arab Americans have historically been rendered invisible by U.S. Census standards while being racialized as a monolithic group in the dominant discourse, Arab American studies scholars have contributed numerous works that represent the voices of their communities as a form of resistance.  We invite papers that examine contemporary and historical Arab American practices of resistance and imagination, particularly papers that take up issues of transmigration, transnationalism, ecocriticism, and intersectional histories and movement.

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Danielle Haque and Nina Shoman-Dajani
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