Standing committees may propose prizes to be awarded to the constituencies they represent within the American Studies Association. Such prizes may be established subject to the approval of the National Council. The sponsoring committee will administer them. The sponsoring committee may raise funds to support the prize. The association may not fund these prizes, with the exception that a standing committee may apply its $1,000 discretionary budget to this end.

Increasingly, caucuses have inaugurated prizes to recognize and support fields articulated to their areas. Such prizes are administered expressly by the caucus with funds also being independently managed, at times in coordination with university presses. 

Recipients of committee and caucus awards may be included on the ASA press release, to be distributed prior to the annual meeting, in the ASA e-newsletter, and on the committee’s website. The prize lists will be due on October 1st. Committee and caucus prizes should be announced at their events or business meetings held at the annual meeting. Only prizes awarded by an ASA prize committee, however, may be presented at the annual awards ceremony preceding the presidential address at the convention.