The American Studies Association congratulates its members for their books published during the previous year (November 2022-October 2023). Join us in celebrating them!

CÉCILE ACCILIEN, Bay Lodyans: Haitian Popular Film Culture (SUNY Press)

ALVITA AKIBOH, Imperial Material: National Symbols in the US Colonial Empire (University of Chicago Press)

LESLIE ALEXANDER, Fear of a Black Republic: Haiti and the Birth of Black Internationalism in the United States (University of Illinois Press)

EVELYN ALSULTANY, Broken: The Failed Promise of Muslim Inclusion (NYU Press)

STEFAN AUNE, Indian Wars Everywhere: Colonial Violence and the Shadow Doctrines of Empire (University of California Press)

MATTHEW BENTLEY and JOHN BLOOM, The Imperial Gridiron: Manhood, Civilization, and Football at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (University of Nebraska Press)

LYNDSEY P. BEUTIN, Trafficking in Antiblackness: Modern-Day Slavery, White Indemnity, and Racial Justice (Duke University Press)


LISA E. BLOOM, Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics: Artists Reimagine the Arctic and Antarctic (Duke University Press)

R. J. BOUTELLE, The Race for America: Black Internationalism in the Age of Manifest Destiny (UNC Press)

RYAN BUNCH, Oz and the Musical: Performing the American Fairy Tale (Oxford University Press)

SARAH CAVAR, Co/notations (Gutslut Press)

LISA GAIL COLLINS, Stitching Love and Loss: A Gee's Bend Quilt (University of Washington Press)

AVERY DAME-GRIFF, The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet (NYU Press)

MARLENE L. DAUT, Awakening the Ashes: An Intellectual History of the Haitian Revolution (University of North Carolina Press)

NNEKA D. DENNIE, ed., Mary Ann Shadd Cary: Essential Writings of a Nineteenth-Century Black Radical Feminist (Oxford University Press)

ALAN J. DETTLAFF, Confronting the Racist Legacy of the American Child Welfare System: The Case for Abolition (Oxford University Press)

JOSEN MASANGKAY DIAZ, Postcolonial Configurations: Dictatorship, the Racial Cold War, and Filipino America (Duke University Press)

ERIN L. DURBAN, The Sexual Politics of Empire: Postcolonial Homophobia in Haiti (University of Illinois Press)

JOSEPH B. ENTIN, Living Labor: Fiction, Film and Precarious Work (University of Michigan Press)

NESSETTE FALU, Unseen Flesh: Gynecology and Black Queer Worth Making in Brazil (Duke University Press)

AMY ERDMAN FARRELL, ed., The Contemporary Reader of Gender and Fat Studies (Routledge)

ALEXANDRA FILINDRA, Race, Rights, and Rifles: The Origins of the NRA and Contemporary Gun Culture (University of Chicago Press)

CYNTHIA G. FRANKLIN, Narrating Humanity: Life Writing and Movement Politics from Palestine to Mauna Kea (Fordham University Press)

SAMUEL GINSBURG, The Cyborg Caribbean: Techno-Dominance in Twenty-First-Century Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican Science Fiction (Rutgers University Press)

MISHUANA GOEMAN, Settler Aesthetics: Visualizing the Spectacle of Originary Moments in The New World (University of Nebraska Press)

HIʻILEI JULIA KAWEHIPUAAKAHAOPULANI HOBART, Cooling the Tropics: Ice, Indigeneity, and Hawaiian Refreshment (Duke University Press)

VIVIAN L. HUANG, Surface Relations: Queer Forms of Asian American Inscrutability (Duke University Press)

JOLENE HUBBS, Class, Whiteness, and Southern Literature (Cambridge University Press)

LUCIA HULSETHER, Capitalist Humanitarianism (Duke University Press)

JOY JAMES, New Bones Abolition: Captive Maternal Agency and the (After)life of Erica Garner (Common Notions Press)

JENNIFER DOMINIQUE JONES, Ambivalent Affinities: A Political History of Blackness and Homosexuality After World War II (University of North Carolina Press)

CHARLOTTE KAREM ALBRECHT, Possible Histories: Arab Americans and the Queer Ecology of Peddling (University of California Press)

MARYAM KASHANI, Medina By the Bay: Scenes of Muslim Study and Survival (Duke University Press)

ANALOUISE KEATING, The Anzaldúan Theory Handbook (Duke University Press)

KASEY R. KEELER, American Indians and the American Dream: Policies, Place, and Property in Minnesota (University of Minnesota Press)

JENNIFER LYNN KELLY, Invited to Witness: Solidarity Tourism across Occupied Palestine (Duke University Press)

L.S. KIM, Maid for Television: Race, Class, Gender, and a Representational Economy (Rutgers University Press)

PATRICK KINDIG, Fascination: Trance, Enchantment, and American Modernity (Louisiana State University Press)

NAA OYO A. KWATE, White Burgers, Black Cash: Fast Food from Black Exclusion to Exploitation (University of Minnesota Press)

ERIC D. LARSON, Grounding Global Justice: Race, Class, and Grassroots Globalism in the United States and Mexico (University of California Press)

JULIE LIVINGSTON and ANDREW ROSS, Cars and Jails: Freedom Dreams, Debt, and Carcerality (OR Books)

ISABEL MACHADO, Carnival in Alabama: Marked Bodies and Invented Traditions in Mobile (University Press of Mississippi)

MARINA MAGLOIRE, We Pursue Our Magic: A Spiritual History of Black Feminism (UNC Press)

MARTIN F. MANALANSAN IV, ROBERT DIAZ, and ROLANDO B. TOLENTINO, Beauty and Brutality: Manila and Its Global Discontents (Temple University Press)

K. MOHRMAN, Exceptionally Queer: Mormon Peculiarity and U.S. Nationalism (University of Minnesota Press)

CRYSTAL MARIE MOTEN, Continually Working: Black Women, Community Intellectualism, and Economic Justice in Postwar Milwaukee (Vanderbilt University Press)

CHRISTEN MUCHER, Before American History: Nationalist Mythmaking and Indigenous Dispossession (University of Virginia Press)

NICOLE NGUYEN, Terrorism on Trial: Political Violence and Abolitionist Futures (University of Minnesota Press)

EZIAKU ATUAMA NWOKOCHA, Vodou en Vogue: Fashioning Black Divinities in Haiti and the United States (University of North Carolina Press)

EMILY A. OWENS, Consent in the Presence of Force: Sexual Violence and Black Women's Survival in Antebellum New Orleans (University of North Carolina Press)

JEAN PFAELZER, California, A Slave State (Yale University Press)

ERIC PORTER, A People's History of SFO: The Making of the Bay Area and an Airport (University of California Press)

AVA PURKISS, Fit Citizens: A History of Black Women's Exercise from Post-Reconstruction to Postwar America (University of North Carolina Press)

RUMYA SREE PUTCHA, The Dancer's Voice: Performance and Womanhood in Transnational India (Duke University Press)

SARAH MARGARITA QUESADA, The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature (Cambridge University Press)

CONOR TOMÁS REED, New York Liberation School: Study and Movement for the People's University (Common Notions)

JENNIFER REIMER, Keşke (Airlie Press)

TATIANA REINOZA and KAREN MARY DAVALOS, Self Help Graphics at Fifty: A Cornerstone of Latinx Art and Collaborative Artmaking (University of California Press)

SILVIA RODGRIGUEZ VEGA, Drawing Deportation: Art and Resistance Among Immigrant Children (New York University Press)

CESRAÉA RUMPF, Recovering Identity: Criminalized Women's Fight for Dignity and Freedom (University of California Press)

THERESA RUNSTEDTLER, Black Ball: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Spencer Haywood, and the Generation that Saved the Soul of the NBA (Bold Type Books)

JEFFREY SANTA ANA, HEIDI AMIN-HONG, RINA GARCIA CHUA, and XIAOJING ZHOU, eds., Empire and Environment: Ecological Ruin in the Transpacific (University of Michigan Press)

LEAH SCHMALZBAUER, Meanings of Mobility: Family, Education, and Immigration in the Lives of Latino Youth (Russell Sage Foundation)

SUMMER HILL SEVEN, Autobiography of Ray-Ray & Other Ancient Ideas Like Hip-Hop (AuthorHouse)

ELENA SHIH, Manufacturing Freedom: Sex Work, Anti-Trafficking Rehab, and the Racial Wages of Rescue (University of California Press)

MEJDULENE BERNARD SHOMALI, Between Banat: Queer Arab Critique and Transnational Arab Archives (Duke University Press)

A. LYNN SMITH, Memory Wars: Settlers and Natives Remember Washington's Sullivan Expedition of 1779 (University of Nebraska Press)

DAMIEN M. SOJOYNER, Against the Carceral Archive: The Art of Black Liberatory Practice (Fordham University Press)

MAIREAD SULLIVAN, Lesbian Death: Desire and Danger Between Feminist and Queer (University of Minnesota Press)

LEANNE TRAPEDO SIMS, Reckoning with Restorative Justice: Hawai'i Women's Prison Writing (Duke University Press)

PATRICIA VENTURA and EDWARD K. CHAN, White Power and American Neoliberal Culture (University of California)

DEBANUJ DASGUPTA, JOSEPH DONICA, and MARGOT WEISS, eds., Queer Then and Now: The David R. Kessler Lectures, 2002-2020 (The Feminist Press)

CELESTE WINSTON, How to Lose the Hounds: Maroon Geographies and a World beyond Policing (Duke University Press)

ZAHI ZALLOUA, Solidarity and the Palestinian Cause: Indigeneity, Blackness, and the Promise of Universality (Bloomsbury)

TEGAN ZIMMERMAN, Matria Redux: Caribbean Women Novelize the Past (University Press of Mississippi)