The ASA Program Committee invites self-nominations from ASA members who are willing to serve as chairs and commentators for a number of sessions that the committee will be constructing from individual paper proposals. We invite colleagues who are not part of a proposed session or have submitted an individual paper proposal to apply.

If you plan to attend the 2024 meeting, log in to the conference site, select "volunteer to be a chair or commentator" from the main menu, and submit a brief statement outlining your fields of research, areas of expertise, and topics of special interest. Include your home and office telephone numbers and preferred e-mail addresses. Specify the role(s) you are willing to play. Insert your statement and interests at the top of your vitae (if you add a vitae), or include as part of a biographical narrative. Either the vitae or narrative format is fine.

To add or update your institutional affiliation, login to your ASA Membership account, click on edit my profile, select my addresses, and edit institution. Updates made to your membership account will transmit to the All Academic system.

If you need to begin or renew a membership with the ASA in order to complete your application for chair or commentator, you may do so through Membership.

  1. Preparing Your Proposal
  2. Using the Proposal Submission Site
  3. Planning for Your Panel

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