The American Studies Association invites members to post working proposals for the annual meeting in order to collaborate with interested colleagues.

Working proposals or abstracts are an excellent way for established scholars and graduate students alike to find and network with other members. In the recent past, acceptance rates for pre-packaged sessions have been much higher than individual papers, which not only need to pass the test of excellence but also must fit with other individual papers to form a panel with internal coherence.

Such collaboration topics should include: 1) a working title, 2) 200-word working abstract, 3) current contributors, 4) proposed session format, and 5) contact information. 

If you create a topic for collaboration, please be aware of your responsibility to inform each person who may submit an abstract or paper directly to you, in a timely and collegial manner, whether or not you intend to include their abstract in your proposal. This is important because each person is allowed to make and/or be listed as a participant on only one submission.  Additionally, please note that working sessions are posted on the ASA website as a service to the association's members. They do not imply endorsement by the Program Committee, nor will the Program Committee necessarily see working abstracts. 

Please note: Collaboration posts are reviewed before being published during normal business hours. Posts received on weekday evenings are published the next day; posts received over the weekend are published on Mondays.