The American Studies Association will supply all session rooms with a Digital Equipment Package, which includes: an LCD/multimedia data projector with speakers, a laptop (MS Powerpoint, CD & DVD capable, PC- but not MAC-compatible), screen, wireless internet, and on-site technical support.  The ASA will not supply business meeting rooms with a Digital Equipment Package.

If you want additional digital equipment, you will have to bring your own equipment or rent it at your own expense. If you want analog equipment such as an overhead projector, slide projectors, or TV/VCR/DVD, you will likewise have to bring your own equipment or rent it at your own expense.  If you want digital equipment for a business meeting, you will have to bring your own equipment, or request your meeting be scheduled after 6pm in a session room.

As a best practice when using a Powerpoint or other visual presentation, please email the presentation to yourself or save on a drive. If you intend on using a MAC please bring proper cables.

Video-conferencing and live-streaming will not be supported.  

The ASA does not offer a video-conferencing solution to accommodate individual panelists who will not attend the meeting in person.

Skype, Google Hangouts, and other "live-streaming" programs are very unreliable and difficult to coordinate. The picture quality when blown up to a necessary size for a group is very poor, and the speaker at the remote location will not be able to identify questioners. 

The ASA arrived at its decision based not only on the additional hotel expense/disruption associated with video-conferencing, but also on what we view as best practices for providing and preserving the most valuable experience possible to our conference attendees.