The American Studies Association is dedicated to creating a dynamic and inclusive space at the Annual Meeting.

The ASA prioritizes accessibility for all participants as well as the retention of accessibility standards from year to year.

At the Annual Meeting, the ASA will provide ASL interpretation for hearing-impaired presenters and sign interpreting services for registered members. Additionally, the Executive Committee chooses host hotels with common areas and meeting rooms that offer ample space for attendees with a range of mobilities, that can provide gender-neutral bathrooms as well as bathrooms for people with disabilities, and that provide sleeping rooms with assistive features and devices. These guidelines are designed to provide access for attendees with disabilities but will benefit all convention participants.

In addition to a quiet room/parent's lactation room, which is accessible to meeting and session rooms, the ASA can help arrange childcare for members who participate in the annual meeting. Please contact for more information.

If you’re interested in multimedia that will be available to you and your panel, read more about digital and A/V equipment provided to session rooms.