2022 Annual Meeting

November 3-6, 2022 - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Roof is on Fire: The 2022 Annual Meeting invites strategies that draw our attention to and command a multisensory, multiregister engagement with the world as it is and as we want it to be. Something is broken. Whether or not it can be repaired may not be the right question. This is an homage to the cultures and knowledges too often dismissed or taken. Touch the beat, move without instruction, abandon your isolation. We come together to continue the creation of something else altogether.  Read more on this year's theme.

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Use the righthand sidebar to find essential information and instructions relevant to planning for the upcoming annual meeting. Looking for the schedule? The online conference program can be viewed through All Academic here. The online program information will also be available in the official ASA app for iOS and Android around early October 2022.

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Onsite Childcare options at the 2022 Annual Meeting, including subsidized rates

Travel Grants for the 2022 Annual Meeting

Volunteer In Exchange for Conference Registration

Covid Protocols of the In-Person Conference