The history of the annual meeting is a window onto the field of American Studies, on the emergence and development of research paradigms, and on the response of American studies practitioners to trends and tensions within higher education and broader U.S. and global contexts.

Past Program Books 

The past programs listed below reflect the history of the association. Chartered in 1951, the ASA met biennially in conjunction with the American Historical Association (AHA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA) on a rotating basis until 1967.  During those years, ASA-sponsored panels were incorporated into the program books of the larger societies. From 1967-1985, the ASA met independently on a biennial basis. The first independent annual meeting of the ASA was 1987. 

Please find a copy of the most recent convention (2023) program here, as it appeared September 1, 2023.

Past program books from 1997 to 2023 are listed below. The Program Committee submits a post-meeting reflection to the Office of the Executive Director. Those reflections, from 1997 to present, are included as a post-script to the program book.  

For programs and reflections before 1997, consult the Library of Congress, the official repository of the American Studies Association. Founded at the Library of Congress, the ASA is one of the few learned societies for which the Library of Congress houses its official archives. Printed program books from 1971-2005 are archived at the Library of Congress; beginning in 2005, the Library of Congress only archives electronic books.

Year Theme Program Reflection
2023 Solidarity: What Love Looks Like in Public Program  
2022 The Roof is On Fire Program  
2021 Creativity within Revolt Program  
2019 Build as We Fight Program Reflection
2018 States of Emergence Program Reflection
2017 Pedagogies of Dissent Program Reflection
2016 Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are Program Reflection
2015 The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance Program Reflection
2014 The Fun and the Fury: New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain In the Post-American Century Program Reflection
2013 Beyond the Logic of Debt: Toward an Ethics of Collective Dissent Program Reflection
2012 Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Past, Present, and Future Program Reflection
2011 Imagination, Reparation, Transformation Program Reflection
2010 Crisis, Chains, and Change: American Studies for the Twenty-first Century Program Reflection
2009 Practices of Citizenship, Sustainability, and Belonging Program Reflection
2008 Back Down to the Crossroads: Integrative American Studies in Theory and Practice Program Reflection
2007 America Aqui: Transhemispheric Visions and Community Connections Program Reflection
2006 The United States from Inside and Out Program Reflection
2005 Groundwork: Space and Place in American Cultures Program Reflection
2004 Crossroads of Cultures Program Reflection
2003 Violence and Belonging Program Reflection
2002 The Local and the Global & Recovery Project/Redefining "Nuestra América" Program Reflection
2001 Multiple Publics/Civic Voices Program Reflection
2000 American Studies in the World/The World in American Studies Program Reflection
1999 Crossing Borders/Crossing Centuries Program Reflection
1998 American Studies and the Question of Empire: Histories, Cultures and Practices Program Reflection
1997 Going Public: Defining Public Culture(s) in the Americas Program Reflection