Additional Meetings

2019: November 7-10 - Honolulu, Hawaii

From the CFP: Our theme for the 2019 annual meeting of the American Studies Association, “Build As We Fight,” highlights the challenges and responsibilities we have to envision and bring about sustʻāinable alternatives to heteropatriarchal systems rooted in genocide, dispossession, and extractive capitalism. We intentionally use this Indigenous approach to sustainability, which positions the land (that which feeds) at the center of the concept and praxis. We are committed to putting grounded vocabularies to work that show support for Kānaka Maoli creative praxis and concept work. Read the call for papers and theme statement.

2020: November 12-15 - Baltimore, Maryland

2021: October 7-10 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

2022: November 3-6 - New Orleans, Louisiana