From This Year's Call for Proposals

The 2021 Annual Meeting takes place during a historical period of revolt that is both intensive and widespread, traversing almost every form of power imaginable. Communities of people, both long-formed and in-the-making, are drawing from multiple legacies of rebellion, protest, survival, and revolution to confront logics of dehumanization and ecological degradation that are foundational to American sociality and statecraft. Such a dense, complex, dynamic moment of disruption requires an honoring of and critical engagement with revolt as a form and site of creativity. How might revolt itself be conceptualized as a creative and artistic form, catalyzing as it actively produces new ways of interacting with what Sylvia Wynter calls the “praxis of human being?” What might it mean to both apprehend and respond to the creative acts of people in revolt, and how might creativity enable other ways of envisioning and making sociality, community, bodily and spiritual integrity, and radical futurity?

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