Resources, programs, and initiatives of the American Studies Association are all sustained through the coordinated efforts of members across the association. The ASA website likewise owes its development to a host of people: from officers and members of the association, to staff and partners.

The following members provided vision for the project through their service as Executive Committee members: Curtis Marez, Lisa Duggan, David Roediger, Robert Warrior, Kandice Chuh, Jodi Byrd, Christina Hanhardt, Sharon Holland, Karen Leong, and Chandan Reddy. Executive Director John Stephens provided boundless insight into the association. The Office of the Executive Director contributed time and resources: Michael Casiano, Molly Thacker, Molly Benitez, Cory Young, and Emily Bierman. Tavia Nyong’o was senior scholarly consultant for the project, and Deborah Kimmey was lead project manager. A cohort of members served as a redesign task force throughout discovery, design, and development: Susan Garfinkel, Eva Hageman, Karen Leong, Marisol LeBrón, and Amanda Stuckey. American Quarterly Editor Mari Yoshihara and Managing Editor Jeanette Hall offered direction for building the journal's presence here. Other members contributed to the project through focus groups, surveys, design feedback, and original writing: Hans Bak, Laura Briggs, Bruce Burgett, Ben Chapell, Sarah Chinn, Genevieve Clutario, Noah Cohan, Lorraine Cox, Ann Cvetkovich, Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, Christopher Elias, Natalie Havlin, Udo Hebel, Glenn Hendler, Rebecca Hill, Curtis Hisayasu, Matt Jacobson, Ralina Joseph, J. Kehaulani Kauanui, Ray Kibler, Carly Kocurek, Eric Lott, Alex Lubin, Jodi Melamed, Brett Mizelle, Nadine Naber, Juana Rodriguez, Andrew Schocket, Lauren Tilton, Bryce Traister, Rosie Uyola, and Deborah Whaley. Confluence Corporation provided site design and front-end development, with thanks to Karin Tracy, Natalie Murchison, Beth Soderberg, Kailee Quinn, and Vicki Brown. The realization of this site would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the Journals Division at Johns Hopkins University Press: William Breichner, Matt Brook, Tashina Gunning, David Baniszewski, Chris Feragotti, Adam Fuller, Anthony Gilbert, Lisa Klose, and Robert White-Goodman.