Congratulations to all ASA Members receiving NEH Grants for their projects! The full press release from the NHA and a list of ASA grant winners appear below.

NHA Lauds Latest Round of NEH Grants

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Humanities Alliance released the following statement today from its Executive Director Stephen Kidd on the December announcement of $28.6 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support 233 humanities projects nationwide:

“Through this grant release, the National Endowment for the Humanities is supporting veterans, preserving cultural heritage collections of national importance, fostering civic dialogue, encouraging new methods in undergraduate education, and catalyzing support for humanities institutions. This funding is crucial to providing humanities access in every state, ensuring that Americans in rural and urban areas alike have access to programs that enrich their lives, help them grapple with the problems of today and tomorrow, and build strong communities.

“While I am disappointed to see the Trump administration call for the elimination of vital humanities funding for the third year in a row, I am heartened by the level of support in Congress for these programs. Members of Congress understand the crucial role that the NEH plays supporting research, teaching, programming, and preservation and access, and they have shown their bipartisan support by providing increased funding over the past two years. We are pleased to see efforts in both chambers to provide a robust increase for the NEH this year.

“I would hope that the administration would take some time to better understand the role that the NEH plays serving veterans, saving our cultural heritage, and providing access to the humanities for all Americans.

“We are immensely proud of the NEH’s impact across the U.S. and will continue advocating for increased federal support for future grants in 2019 and beyond.”

ASA NEH Grant Recipients:

Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
Project Director: Rudy Guevarra
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Aloha Compadre: A History of the Latinxs Population in Hawai'i, 1832-2010
Project Description: A book-length study about the migration of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Central Americans to Hawaii between 1832 and 2010, and the Latino-Hawaiian culture that has developed over time.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

American Film Institute
Los Angeles, CA
Project Director: Sarah Clothier
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: AFI Catalog of Feature Films: Women They Talk About
Project Description: The enhancement of 6,000 records in the AFI Catalog of Feature Films, for silent films released from 1910 to 1930, as well as the upgrading of the catalog database to identify 500,000 name credits by gender, covering the first one hundred years of film history from 1893 to 1993.
Outright: 350000 Match: 0

Japanese American National Museum
Los Angeles, CA
Project Director: John Esaki
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: Wakaji Matsumoto: An Artist in Two Worlds, Los Angeles and Hiroshima, 1917-1944
Project Description: Planning of a traveling exhibition, public programs, and a catalog examining Japanese immigration and life in rural California and Hiroshima through the photographs of Wakaji Matsumoto (1889–1965).
Outright: 75000 Match: 0

California State University, San Marcos
San Marcos, CA
Project Director: S. Kang
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Undocumented European Immigrants in the United States, 1906-1986
Project Description: A book-length study about undocumented European immigration to the United States and the laws and policies that were designed to legalize their status between 1906 and 1986.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO
Project Director: Dawn Paschal
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Colorado Encyclopedia, Phase II
Project Description: The production of 300 entries and 75 annotated guides for K–12 educators to be added to the online Colorado Encyclopedia, providing authoritative information on the state’s history and culture, with new content emphasizing the history of political and civic engagement in the state.
Outright: 350000 Match: 0

University of Delaware
Newark, DE
Project Director: Laura Helton
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: The Making of African American Archives, 1910-1950
Project Description: Writing two chapters of a history of African-American archives in the early twentieth century.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Winterthur Museum
Winterthur, DE
Project Director: Ann Wagner
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Natural Components in Decorative Arts: Cataloguing Winterthur’s Hard Matrices and Collagen-Based Organics
Project Description: An implementation project to identify, catalog, and photograph 350-500 composite objects containing organic materials, such as bone, horn, ivory, shells, skins, and quill. These objects represent a subset of Winterthur collections, which include nearly 90,000 fine and decorative art objects made or used in America between 1640 and 1860.
Outright: 268172 Match: 0

Florida International University
Miami, FL
Project Director: Maria Chicuen
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: CasaCuba: A Leading Center to Foster Global Understanding and Collaboration on Cuban and Cuban American Affairs
Project Description: The architectural design phase of CasaCuba, a 50,000-square foot humanities center that would host lectures, academic conferences, community events, and digital and physical exhibitions intended to further the study and public understanding of Cuban and Cuban-American heritage.
Outright: 0 Match: 750000

University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
Athens, GA
Project Director: Lisa Bayer
[Humanities Open Book Program]
Project Title: Georgia Open History Library: From Colony to Statehood
Project Description: In anticipation of the 250th anniversary of the United States, the digitization and creation of freely-accessible ebooks for 50 titles on the history of Georgia.
Outright: 207554 Match: 0

Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Project Director: Jesse Karlsberg
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Sounding Spirit Digital Library: Sacred Music from the Southern Diaspora, 1850-1925
Project Description: A planning project to develop a digital library that would include books of vernacular Protestant music from the southern region of the United States published between 1850 and 1925.
Outright: 58230 Match: 0

American Writers Museum Foundation
Chicago, IL
Project Director: Carey Cranston
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: Becoming Americans: Immigrant and Refugee Writing in the 21st Century
Project Description: A temporary, single-site, 900-square-foot exhibition that examines the influence on American culture of fiction, poetry, memoir, and other genres of writing by immigrants and refugees to the United States in the last thirty years.
Outright: 40000 Match: 0

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL
Project Director: Lydia Jackson
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: The Eugene B. Redmond Digital Collection
Project Description: A planning and pilot project to assess and digitize selectively the papers of Eugene B. Redmond, Poet Laureate of East St. Louis, Illinois, and Professor Emeritus of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (SIUE), reflecting his participation in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The collection comprises approximately 325 cubic feet of material, including manuscripts, correspondence with nationally prominent writers and artists, flyers, printed materials, and photographs.
Outright: 48663.83 Match: 0

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
Indianapolis, IN
Project Director: Scott Shoemaker
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: Native American Galleries Reinstallation: The Great Lakes Initiative and The Nations Within
Project Description: The purchase and installation of modular glass object casework to display approximately 1,000 artifacts and works of art in newly re-conceived and installed Native-American galleries.
Outright: 0 Match: 150000

Tulane University
New Orleans, LA
Project Director: Nick Spitzer
[Media Projects Production]
Project Title: American Routes: Cultural Continuity & Creativity in the Vernacular Humanities
Project Description: Production of eight, two-hour radio programs on American music and culture, and five related community forums.
Outright: 200000 Match: 0

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA
Project Director: Britt Rusert
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: The "Afric-American Picture Gallery": Imagining Black Art, circa 1859
Project Description: Research and writing leading to publication of a book on the “Afric-American Picture Gallery,” an 1859 work of periodical fiction by William J. Wilson that imagines the first museum of black art in the United States.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, Inc.
New Bedford, MA
Project Director: Laura Orleans
[Exhibitions: Implementation]
Project Title: More Than a Job: Work and Community in New Bedford's Fishing Industry
Project Description: Implementation of a permanent exhibition and supporting programs exploring themes of labor, immigration, and the changing nature of work and community in New Bedford’s commercial fishing industry.
Outright: 200000 Match: 15000

City of Boston
West Roxbury, MA
Project Director: Joseph Bagley
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Boston Digital Archaeology Project
Project Description: The processing, rehousing, digital cataloging, and photographing of over 200,000 archaeological artifacts from five Boston sites, including Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, Boston Common, Brook Farm, and 27/29 Endicott Street.
Outright: 350000 Match: 0

Jewish Museum of Maryland
Baltimore, MD
Project Director: Tracie Guy-Decker
[Exhibitions: Implementation]
Project Title: Scrap Yard: Innovators of Recycling
Project Description: Implementation of a traveling exhibition, website, curriculum, and public programs exploring the history of the scrap industry in America.
Outright: 50000 Match: 25000

Portland Museum of Art
Portland, ME
Project Director: Diana Greenwold
[Exhibitions: Implementation]
Project Title: In the Vanguard: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, 1950-1969
Project Description: Implementation of a traveling exhibition, an audio tour, and a catalog documenting the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts at its height from 1950 to 1969.
Outright: 100000 Match: 0

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Project Director: Alexandra Stern
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Examination of Eugenics in America
Project Description: The production of an online resource on the history of eugenics in the United States, containing a privacy-protected dataset on approximately 30,000 individuals who experienced involuntary sterilization, along with contextual features such as data visualizations, story lines, and thematic pathways.
Outright: 350000 Match: 0

Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts
Minneapolis, MN
Project Director: Robert Cozzolino
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: Supernatural in American Art
Project Description: Planning meetings, curatorial travel and research, and audience evaluation for developing an exhibition on the reflection of the supernatural in American art over the decades.
Outright: 74452 Match: 0

Regents of the University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Project Director: Karen Davalos
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Rhizomes of Mexican American Art since 1848: An Online Portal
Project Description: A planning project to develop a digital portal to information and archival sources on Mexican-American art. The activities would lay the groundwork for establishing future partnerships with small institutions and for building a database for Mexican-American art nationwide.
Outright: 60000 Match: 0

St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN
Project Director: Mary Barbosa-Jerez
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: Preserving the Immigrant Experience
Project Description: Renovations to the Rølvaag Memorial Library to ensure the preservation of two archives documenting Norwegian-American history and the history of St. Olaf College, as well as the library’s special collections.
Outright: 0 Match: 300000

Curators of the University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
Project Director: Fraser Hudson
[Exhibitions: Implementation]
Project Title: Mr. Pruitt’s Possum Town: Trouble & Resilience in the American South
Project Description: Implementation of a traveling exhibition, a website, curriculum materials, and related public programs exploring the day-to-day lives of blacks and whites in the rural community of Columbus, Mississippi.
Outright: 150000 Match: 0

Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Project Director: Joy Novak
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Eyes on the Prize II Interview Digitization and Dissemination Project
Project Description: The digitization of 106 hours of raw videotape footage of 182 interviews created in the production of Eyes on the Prize II, the second half of the seminal documentary series that chronicles the civil rights movement from 1965 to 1985.
Outright: 226392 Match: 0

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Jackson, MS
Project Director: Forrest Galey
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Sharing the Literary and Photographic Legacy of Eudora Welty
Project Description: The preservation and availability of the papers of American author Eudora Welty (1909–2001), including conservation treatment of 60 items; digitization of selected manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and sound recordings; and the creation of catalog records to facilitate discovery of the materials.
Outright: 217982 Match: 0

Little Big Horn College
Crow Agency, MT
Project Director: Tim Bernardis
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Cultivating Ourselves: Digitization and Access to Crow Historical and Cultural Resources
Project Description: The preservation, transcription, translation, and digitization of audiovisual materials that document Crow history, language, and culture.
Outright: 330422 Match: 0

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
Project Director: Jason Black
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: An Annotated Anthology of the Newspaper Columns of Politician and Activist Harvey Milk (1930-1978)
Project Description: Preparation of a critical anthology of the journalism of gay politician and activist Harvey Milk (1930–1978).
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

University of Nebraska, Board of Regents
Lincoln, NE
Project Director: Matt Cohen
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Charles Chesnutt: A Digital Archive
Project Description: A structural redesign of the Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive, with the addition of more works by Chesnutt. The online reference resource would include all of Chesnutt’s published fiction and nonfiction, a manuscript section with hand-corrected galleys of four major works, including his first and second novels and his biography of Frederick Douglass, and a collection of 300 contemporary reviews of six book-length works Chesnutt published between 1899 and 1905.
Outright: 292627 Match: 0

University of Nebraska, Board of Regents
Lincoln, NE
Project Director: Margaret Jacobs
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project
Project Description: The digitization, cataloging, and transcription of approximately 410 pages of historical records, 6,300 pages of government documents, 200 photographs, and 50 oral histories documenting the history of Indian boarding schools and the experience of Native Americans who attended the Genoa Indian Boarding School in Genoa, Nebraska.
Outright: 349899 Match: 0

Nevada Museum of Art
Reno, NV
Project Director: Ann Wolfe
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: The Atlas: A Radically Accessible Education and Research Hub
Project Description: A project to expand research and educational facilities in a new campus that would enhance accessibility to the Museum’s art and archival collections, which hold the work of American artists, Australian aboriginal painters, landscape photographers, eco-artists, and which total approximately 3,000 fine art objects, 7,500 library books, and 1,000,000 archival items.
Outright: 0 Match: 500000

Brooklyn Children's Museum
Brooklyn, NY
Project Director: Hana Elwell
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: BK Brooklyn Climber
Project Description: Planning an exhibition that would relate the history of Brooklyn and Brooklynites over time through a climbing structure.
Outright: 66150 Match: 8850

Hamilton College
Clinton, NY
Project Director: Celeste Moore
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Soundscapes of Liberation: African-American Music and the Circuits of the Twentieth-Century Atlantic World
Project Description: Research and writing leading to publication of a book on the transatlantic networks of production, distribution, and performance that led to the rise of African-American music as a globally recognized sign of power and protest after World War II.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

SUNY Research Foundation, College at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY
Project Director: Birger Vanwesenbeeck
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Loss in Translation: Mourning Across Language in Plath, Pynchon, and Whitehead
Project Description: The writing of one chapter of a book on the linguistic challenge of articulating mourning in three American authors: poet Sylvia Plath (1932–1963) and novelists Thomas Pynchon (1937– ) and Colson Whitehead (1969– ).
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Colgate University
Hamilton, NY
Project Director: Monica Mercado
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: The Young Catholic: Girlhood and the Making of American Catholicism, 1836-1911
Project Description: Research and writing a book on the experiences of young Catholic women in the United States during the nineteenth century.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

St. John's University
Jamaica, NY
Project Director: Kristin Szylvian
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Instant Housing: Operation Breakthrough, George Romney, and the Unrealized promise of the Factory Built House
Project Description: A book-length study of George Romney’s tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the legacy of public housing initiatives started during the Richard Nixon administration.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

American Jewish Historical Society
New York, NY
Project Director: Annie Polland
[Exhibitions: Implementation]
Project Title: From Sitting Room to Soapbox: Emma Lazarus and Union Square, 1860s-1930s
Project Description: Implementation of a permanent exhibition exploring how Americans engaged in social activism and responded to activist movements in both private spaces and the public sphere from 1860 to 1930.
Outright: 300000 Match: 0

Anthology Film Archives, Inc.
New York, NY
Project Director: John Mhiripiri
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: Anthology Film Archives Library Project
Project Description: Construction of a new library unit, as part of a larger renovation of the Anthology Film Archives (AFA), to improve preservation and provide access to rare printed materials and unique archival collections documenting the history of American and international experimental cinema.
Outright: 0 Match: 750000

Museum of the City of New York
New York, NY
Project Director: Sarah Henry
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: The New York Mystique
Project Description: Planning of a permanent exhibition illuminating the cultural meaning and lived experience of New York City.
Outright: 44909 Match: 0

Women Make Movies, Inc.
New York, NY
Project Director: Barbara Ghammashi
[Media Projects Production]
Project Title: Travel Notes of a Geechee Girl
Project Description: A two-hour documentary film on the life and work of Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor (1937–2016), a twentieth-century American poet, civil rights activist, actress, culinary anthropologist, writer, journalist, radio host, and chef.
Outright: 500000 Match: 0

SUNY Research Foundation, College at Old Westbury
Old Westbury, NY
Project Director: Jacqueline Emery
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: A Selected Edition of the Journalism of Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935), American Writer and Intellectual
Project Description: Preparation of a selected critical edition of the journalism written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860–1935), American feminist author and intellectual.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

George Eastman Museum
Rochester, NY
Project Director: Heather Shannon
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Preserving and Improving Access to the Boyer Collection
Project Description: The cataloging and digitization of the Alden Scott Boyer collection of nineteenth-century photography. This collection is a formative part of the George Eastman Museum’s photography collection, containing more than 10,000 individual photographic objects and 3,000 books, periodicals, and manuals related to photography.
Outright: 350000 Match: 0

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
Project Director: Kristoffer Whitney
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: A History of Bird-Banding and Wildlife Conservation in 20th-century North America
Project Description: Research and writing articles for academic and general audiences on the history of bird-banding and its relationship to environmental science.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Project Director: Molly Farrell
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: New World Calculation: The Making of Numbers in Colonial America
Project Description: Research and writing leading to publication of a book on the role of numbers and numerical thinking in colonial America.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Miami University, Oxford
Oxford, OH
Project Director: Daryl Baldwin
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: aacimwahkionkonci 'A Land of Stories' A Web-based GIS Learning Tool for Myaamia Geospatial Data
Project Description: The development of a web-based historical atlas containing thousands of documents pertaining to Native land transactions that involve the Miami Tribe from the late-eighteenth to early-twentieth century. The documents represent transactions in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
Outright: 180450 Match: 0

Ursuline College
Pepper Pike, OH
Project Director: Katharine Trostel
[Humanities Connections Planning Grants]
Project Title: Cleveland Divided: Rust Belt Revival Curriculum
Project Description: The development of a core curricular pathway and new course offerings focused on Cleveland and the Rust Belt region.
Outright: 34586 Match: 0

University of Oklahoma, Norman
Norman, OK
Project Director: Kimberly Marshall
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Re-Membering the Boise Valley People: Rethinking Sovereignty in Contemporary Cultural Planning
Project Description: Research and writing of an article on reconciliation efforts by Boise city officials and Native-American groups in order to better understand the meaning and role of sovereignty in such contexts.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

High Desert Museum
Bend, OR
Project Director: Dana Whitelaw
[Exhibitions: Planning]
Project Title: Creating Together: Reimagining the High Desert Museum's Exhibition on the Indigenous Columbia Plateau
Project Description: Planning for the reinstallation of the High Desert Museum’s 4,500-square-foot “By Hand Through Memory” permanent exhibition.
Outright: 45000 Match: 0

Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians
Coos Bay, OR
Project Director: Jeff Stump
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: The Hollering Place Tribal Museum and Cultural Center Development Project
Project Description: The development of a capital campaign strategy, the creation of architectural and engineering plans, and the construction of a Tribal Museum and Cultural Center in southwestern Oregon, which would focus on the history and culture of the region’s Native-American people.
Outright: 0 Match: 488830

Lancaster County Historical Society
Lancaster, PA
Project Director: Thomas Ryan
[Historic Places: Planning]
Project Title: The Thaddeus Stevens & Lydia Hamilton Smith Historic Site
Project Description: Development of a site interpretive plan exploring the impact of Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith on the Underground Railroad in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Reconstruction Amendments.
Outright: 75000 Match: 0

CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Project Director: Samuel Katz
[Media Projects Production]
Project Title: Beethoven in Beijing
Project Description: Production of a feature-length documentary exploring the Philadelphia Orchestra’s financial struggles and 1973 historic performance in China.
Outright: 200000 Match: 0

Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust
Philadelphia, PA
Project Director: Denise Dennis
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: The Historic Dennis Farm House Restoration and Rebuilding Project
Project Description: The restoration of a nineteenth-century farmhouse and barn-complex owned by free African Americans at a historical site in northeast Pennsylvania, and the redevelopment of the facilities as a museum.
Outright: 0 Match: 400000

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Project Director: Margery Sly
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: In Her Own Right:  A Century of Women's Activism, 1820-1920
Project Description: The digitization of 30 linear feet of archives and manuscripts pertaining to the woman suffrage movement held by member repositories of the Philadelphia Area Consortium for Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL) and other institutions in the region.
Outright: 347525 Match: 0

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Project Director: Hoang Tran
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Rediscovering John W. Rhoden: Processing, Cataloging, Rehousing, and Digitizing the John W. Rhoden papers
Project Description: The processing and digitization of 15 linear feet of personal papers of John W. Rhoden, an African-American sculptor who was active in the New York Abstract and Figurative Expressionism movements. Activities will include arrangement, description, rehousing, and cataloging of photographs, sketchbooks, drawings, correspondence, and materials related to Rhoden’s exhibitions, awards, travels, and commissions. Up to 5,000 items will be digitized and hosted on the website of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Outright: 75000 Match: 0

Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA
Project Director: Faith Barrett
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Let Music Rise from Every Tongue: Reading and Writing Poetry in Antebellum African American Communities
Project Description: Research leading to a book on African-American poets in Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Chapel Hill before the Civil War.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA
Project Director: Matthew Strauss
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Coasters, Culture, and Change: Processing and Digitizing the Kennywood Park Records
Project Description: The arrangement and description of 175 linear feet of correspondence, photographs, moving images, records, drawings, and promotional materials related to Kennywood Park, one of the nation’s longest-running amusement parks, along with the digitization of 2,000 images, 12 videos, and 750 pages.
Outright: 87598 Match: 0

Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA
Project Director: Wendy Chmielewski
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Digitizing the Sound and Sight of American Women’s Work for Peace and Justice
Project Description: Digitizing, cataloging, and transcribing 650 audio and visual recordings of women activists involved in peace and social justice movements dating from the 1930s to the late twentieth century.
Outright: 325624 Match: 0

University of South Carolina, Columbia
Columbia, SC
Project Director: Rose Ylimaki
[Historic Places: Implementation]
Project Title: Free and Equal: The Promise of Reconstruction in America
Project Description: Implementation of a tour through Beaufort County, South Carolina, exploring the story of Reconstruction using a mobile app, website, and information kiosk.
Outright: 280000 Match: 0

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
Project Director: Rebecca VanDiver
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Politics of Ephemerality in African American Art Practices, 1965-2015
Project Description: Preparation of a book on twentieth-century African-American art that addresses the notion of impermanence.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
Project Director: Dale Kretz
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: After the Freedmen's Bureau: Administering Freedom in the Age of Emancipation
Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book about the Freedmen’s Branch (1872–1878), established by Congress to handle applications for bounties, back pay, and pensions for former slaves and African-American soldiers.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX
Project Director: Amy Mondt
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Voices of the Vietnam War:  Enhancing Access to Oral History Interviews with Vietnam Veterans
Project Description: Produce full, word-searchable transcripts for 185 oral history interviews (comprising approximately 725 hours of audio), which encompasses the Vietnam Center & Archive's (VNCA) entire oral history.
Outright: 95740 Match: 0

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
Project Director: Robin Jensen
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Julia Ward Howe, Helene Deutsche, and Sophia Kleegman: 20th-Century Women Shaping the Science and Medicine of Fertility
Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book on Julia Ward Howe, Helene Deutsch, and Sophia Kleegman, twentieth-century doctors of reproductive and fertility medicine.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Marymount University
Arlington, VA
Project Director: Marguerite Rippy
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Orson Welles, Macbeth, and Africa: Collective Genius and the Diaspora
Project Description: Research leading to publication of a book about the contributions made by African and African-American artists to Orson Welles’ 1936 Federal Theater Project production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, VA
Project Director: Edward Gitre
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: The American Soldier in World War II
Project Description: The creation of an online collection of over 65,000 handwritten survey responses containing the personal comments of American soldiers in WWII. The narrative responses would be transcribed and reunited with quantitative data from the respondents; contextual information would be added to facilitate access by multiple user groups.
Outright: 349864 Match: 0

George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
Project Director: Lincoln Mullen
[Humanities Collections and Reference Resources]
Project Title: Mapping American Religious Ecologies
Project Description: Digitization of the complete 1926 United States Census of Religious Bodies schedules, creation of a spatial dataset, selective and crowdsourced transcription, and creation of maps and visualizations using the records.
Outright: 349971 Match: 0

University of Richmond
Richmond, VA
Project Director: Douglas Winiarski
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Shakers and the Shawnee Prophet: A Microhistory of Religious Violence on the Early American Frontier, 1805–1815
Project Description: Research and writing two chapters of a book on interactions between Shakers and Native Americans on the Ohio frontier leading up to the War of 1812.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Menokin Foundation
Warsaw, VA
Project Director: Sam McKelvey
[Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants]
Project Title: Menokin Glass House Project
Project Description: The Glass House Project, a historic restoration to replace the missing half of Menokin House with structural glass, thereby protecting and augmenting the ruins of this National Historic Landmark and former home of Francis Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Outright: 0 Match: 500000

Independent Scholar
Seattle, WA
Project Director: Sally Anderson
[Documenting Endangered Languages - Fellowships]
Project Title: Analysis and Documentation of Cahto Language Texts
Project Description: Analyzing and digitizing a variety of texts (folktales and other stories, prayers, song lyrics) in Cahto, a Native-American language from Northern California.
Outright: 60000 Match: 0

University of Washington, Bothell
Bothell, WA
Project Director: Naomi Bragin
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: An Ethnographic Cultural History of Streetdance since 1970
Project Description: A book-length historical and ethnographic study of hip-hop dance in California, from the 1970s to the present.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

Whitworth University
Spokane, WA
Project Director: David Emerson
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: American Literary Misfits: Vernacular Aesthetics and Imagined Democracies, 1828-1861
Project Description: Completion of a book on nineteenth-century regional and non-canonical authors such as J. J. Hooper and J. R. Ride and how they contributed to the development of theories of American democracy.
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI
Project Director: Laura McClure
[Summer Stipends]
Project Title: Reimagining the Chorus: Modern American Poet Hilda Doolittle (known as H.D.) and Greek Tragedy
Project Description: Preparation of a book on the influence of ancient Greek drama on the twentieth-century American poet Hilda Doolittle (known as H.D.).
Outright: 6000 Match: 0

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